Websites Down

12 May

Sites are down do to server upgrading from mysql 5.0 to mysql 5.1 List of sites that are down


They should be up soon! Sorry for the inconvience


New Domain?

18 Apr

New Official Domain name for the blog,


27 Jun

Yark Jah Yorn Welar

I totally forgot lol to post the new url of my blog it’s ..

LOL sorry guys and thanks for being readers and please meet me up at my new blog!!

Thank You! Love ya’ll!


19 Jun

ok im gonna be MIA again because I finally think I found the host that I want to stick with. For the last 4 months searching for a host I finally found one! I been switching hosts like 5-6 times in the last 4 months and nothing satisfied me … so my link “” probably won’t be accessible for the next few days but you guys can still access my blog using “” … I’ll be busy setting all that up for the next few days hopefully i get it working ^__^

Ngao Asoke [Premiere Episode] (Pong&Pueng)

9 Jun

Ok so the premiere episode was today and I would have to say not bad for a remake so far. Pong fits the role amazingly well. How did I guess that was going to happen? LOL. The boy is not extremely good looking, but he is hot and he does fit the playboy role. There were a few differences from the beginning of this version to the old like in the beginning of the previous version started off where they were already grown up and Veeyada had recieved the letter from Monthai confirming his non-return to Thailand and she decides to throw all his stuff out and Peeyachat keeps all of the stuff.

>> click read more for more summary and screencaps!

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2 Jun

ok so many people wonder “I thought she was back.” Lol I was but shortly after I was back. My dear husband started going through a mid life crisis at the age of 20! So I had to cut my vacation short and attend to him. Now summer is here and I have been advise to drop my summer courses due to stress; so tada here I am! I’ve been busily setting up my new subforum for my HQ’s download. SO I’ll be posting up HQ=High Quality Downloads for lakorns and movies so you guys can look out for that.

Also I’ve been ripping Sawan Biang busily for those who wanted it seeing as how I never quite finished it. Right now I have re-ripped episode 01 and 02 for upload and the rest will follow through the week. Right now I am uploading 1. It might take some thai seeing as to how it’s like 1.4 gb. It’s at it’s best quality so 1.4 gb is ok right? I can try to shrink it down to 700 mb. I’m also trying to employ or recruit people who are interested in downloading Torrent versions lol so that way it’ll make my life so much easier! LOL

So patience people this grasshopper has return and my newest lakorn update was initially going to be about sapai gon krua but guess what I’m to late! That lakorn is nearing it’s end! LOL so I would probably have to pick a different lakorn. What better lakorn than Ngao Asoke? LOL

Well I’m off for right now and it’s nice to be blogging again!

Yayyy I’m Back

12 May

Ok yay! I’m finally free of school and stuff for a long while. I’ll be updating and all starting tmr;

-I miss blogging so much!